GPSMapEdit allows performing authoring of GPS maps of various types
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GPSMapEdit was created to help the users perform visual authoring of GPS maps. The main characteristics of this program are the richness of features and the fact that it supports a lot of cartographic formats, including Garmin (MapSource), Lowrance (MapCreate), CityGuide, Navitel Navigator, ALAN Map 500/600, Holux, etc. Creating POIs and speed camera alerts for various types of devices is also supported, as well as loading and converting GPS tracks, waypoints and routes of all kinds.

The interface may look overwhelmingly comprehensive even for experienced users, since there’s a huge number of features, functions, tools and options that it offers access to. I appreciate the richness of features, but I’m a bit worried that inexperienced users might feel a little lost among menus and settings. Unfortunately, as comprehensive as it is, I discovered that it still lacks some features that I would have otherwise expected to be included, such as support for the quite popular MrSID files, support for GeoTIFF or the availability of saving to Garmin IMG maps.

Even though this tool is not exactly easy-to-use, the support for so many map types and the lack of alternatives make it a great choice for anyone in need of creating custom maps.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Supports many cartographic formats
  • Also allows creating POIs and speed camera alerts
  • Can also convert GPS-tracks, waypoints and routes


  • Doesn't support MrSID maps
  • Doesn't support GeoTIFF files
  • Can not save to Garmin IMG
  • Very comprehensive, almost too crowded interface
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