View, edit, and manage digital GPS maps
GPSMapEdit v2.1.78.10
09 Sep 2014
GPSMapEdit v2.0.77.1
24 Feb 2013
Editorial review
GPSMapEdit v1.1.75.2
20 Nov 2011
Editorial review
GPSMapEdit v1.0.72
2 Apr 2008

What's new

v2.1.78.10 [5 Mar 2014]
- Fix: Loading ECW and MrSID files based on the coordinate systems EPSG:3785 and EPSG:3857 (thanks to: 13slonik).
- Fix: 'Tools | Generate Routing Graph' now again works
- Fix: Loading routing graph from Garmin IMG files
- Fix: Export of direction kind for iGO and Navitel safety alerts
- Fix: Applying the context menu item 'Paste Here' to bookmarks.
- Fix: Loading point type 0x0000 from map skins
- Fix: Showing some of custom types from Garmin map skins
- Fix: Parsing polylines with first transparent color of pattern from map skin Garmin TXT
- Enhancement: Web map is supported - deCarta
- Enhancement: Web map is supported - (Indonesia)

v2.0.77.1 [24 Feb 2013]
-Context menu item 'Location | Paste Here' pastes object from clipboard at the selected location.
-Polygon context menu item 'Save As Template Polygon...' allows to save the shape of selected polygon as template for further pasting.
-Context menu item 'Location | Paste Template Polygon' pastes the selected polygon template at the selected location.
-Context menu item 'Location | Copy Position' copies coordinates of the selected location to clipboard.
-Context menu item 'Location | Browse in' allows to run an external application or open a page in Web browser at the selected location.
-The support of new Web-maps -, ESRI ArcGIS, Rosreestr Public Map (Russian cadastral map), Ukraina Cadastral Map (both vector and orthophoto).
-The menu of Web-maps may have up to 2 sublevels. It may be configured in the Settings.
-Splitting map to files now fixes incorrect values of NodeIDs.
-GUI localization for Swedish is added.

v1.1.75.2 [20 Nov 2011]
Fix: Crash while label of new object inputing with simultaneous map saving.
The toolbar is now disabled during label is edited in-place.
Fix: Crash while loading .MP file with bookmarks imported earlier from POIs without icon file (thanks to: Gary Turner).

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